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Good Deal Alert! Right now, Bookrenter is having a 10% OFF EVERYTHING Sale. No coupon or promo code needed. Not sure when this exclusive sale will end but it says a “limited time only.” I just checked and you can actually stack this deal with their 5% off promo code: “EXCRMNAUG13”, which ends on September 1st. That means you can save 15% OFF your entire order of textbooks! Hope that helps all my fellow college followers out there :) For more savings on textbooks and where to sell your old textbooks, check out the How to Save on Textbooks post!

*As always when it comes to good deals, don’t forget to share with your friends and followers <3 For more deals, check out the Sales-aholic Deals page.

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    I rented one of my books from here yesterday, it automatically applies the 10% off and it was only $31 to rent a book...
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