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GREAT DEAL ALERT! Okay, I’m getting overly excited just typing this. But you know how Halloween costumes are overly expensive? So I always try to buy my costumes after Halloween when they’re on sale. Well, here’s the best deal I’ve ever seen for costumes - Go to the Buy Costumes website. Then in their search bar option at the top, type and look up “sale10.” You will get exclusive access to all of their costumes that are on sale for $10 ONLY! There are over 2,000 costumes you can choose from that were originally $59.99 - $129.99, but you can get them for up to 90% off! I just bought four new costumes. Hehe But hurry, these costumes will surely sell out and this mystery deal will not last long! Enjoy :)

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    Just bought 3 costumes! Yay ^_^
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    I just got a Sailor Moon costume, they still have plus sizes available on most costumes. Go go go!
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    I’m so in love with tumblr. I just got my costume!
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    Reblogging because it is legit and deals are my favorite things eva. and also just in case someone wanted to, I don’t...
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    weeee I just bought Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella, I’m so excited!
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    UGH I wish this was going longer. I might be able to order one costume but there’s at least 20 that I want :(
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    THIS IS LEGIT OMG YES. Favorite Holiday!
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